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Trending triangles

On 15, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Likes and loves, Trends | By patternandco

Showing some love for triangles.  Simple design but dynamic and graphic.

Modern Quilt Geometric Triangle Fabric in yellow, blue and grey : Boosterseat! :  I’d happily buy this fabric, even the image of the fabric in the embroidery hoop would look great on a wall!

Loving the colours and placement of the triangles from Dante Terzigni an award winning illustrator/designer.  Drop by and find more of Dante’s work here.

Make a bold statement and stencil your wall with a few triangles from Olive Leaf Stencils.

Left: Triangle pattern in pink and brown by Richard Koyama-Daniels.
Right: Creating triangle quilted patterns at The Purl Bee.

What do you think of triangles?  Personally I love them!

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