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To Polka Dot or not

On 07, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In Likes and loves, Trends | By patternandco

Love em or hate em Polka dots are everywhere!  I like them for their fun, playful nature or the classic combination – black on white, just can’t be beat some days.

Below are a few of my favourite uses for the Polka Dotter in you!

Adore me via Maite Pons

Polka dots look great as backdrops for style shots.  They can add a bit of fun as well as a classic vintage vibe and look simply adorable in Maite Pons print above.

My idea for polka dot wallpaper, instead of bright and fun, add a bit of silver to create a bit more subtle and sophisticated dotty wallpaper that will sit on any wall.

Polkalove wall stickers from Umlaute

Don’t want the hassle of permanent wallpaper, try the Polkalove wall stickers. 60 polkadots in 15 colours to use as creatively as you like.

Dance The Polka T-Towel via Eleanor De Vetre // Polka dotty Stickers photoshop tutorial coming tomorrow // Polka dot Pencils via Lisa Stickley

Polka dots are a constant on stationary, gift wrap and homewares but the colour on the linen tea towel by Elenanor De Vetre and Lisa Stickley’s striped pencil box and black and white pencils look really fresh.

White glazed and black dotted porcelain sculpture via Case Studyo Facebook

Limited edition white glazed and black dotted porcelain sculpture with a wink of gold!  Cute! (and big!) ‘Jean Pierre Le Douche’

Polka Dot 1854 Photographs by Feng Haoyu

Neon pink polka dots used as overlays look fantastic!

What do you think?  Do you love the revival of the polka dots?

I often use polka dots as a background or overlay in my work, they are great pieces to mix in to a design, as in the BUNNY HOP! fabric below,

Easy to work with to!  I used a few simple polka dots patterns to make some polka dot stickers and labels for this post.

If you would like to grab a few Polka Dot goodies, or try making your own, come back tomorrow for the free polka dot pattern digital gift! In the meantime if you want more things dotty check out my pinterest Polka Dot board!




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