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Happy Bear Face

On 09, Mar 2017 | No Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco



Happy days are here again…okay happy bear faces with  fantastic colours of pink, blue, yellow and bear brown are here.

Meet the whole collection of bear fabrics with coordinating polka dot “freckle” fabric and a tribal print to complete the look over at our new fabric shop.

happybearfacefabricsbymichellemanolov happydaysbears2-michellemanolov

Basic RGB happydaysbearsone

More fabric coming soon.


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Feeling foxy part 1 – cluster pattern

fox wood michelle

A little fox doodle with leaping hares!

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Once upon a time

On 20, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In Etsy Love | By patternandco

“Once upon a time a little girl was read bedtime stories by her Grandma, as the girl grew older the stories stayed and were reread many times, in turn she read the stories to her family and when she fell in love the world became an adventure and she choose to live a stones throw from where the fairy tales all began …”

A true story, an interesting twist where life seems to complete a full circle.  I am the girl who loved the The Grimm’s Fairy Tales and now lives and works in a studio in Marburg, Germany where the two Grimm brothers lived between 1802-1805.  It is here that they began to collect the fairy tales that today are known all over the world and all around me you can find many places and art depicted in the tales.  I’ll be sharing  the towns charm and history and fairy tale connections over the next couple of weeks but I thought today would be good to start with Little Red Riding hood.  Interestingly, Google is also celebrating the story.

The tale is a classic and the patterns and designs are timeless, whimsical and adorable.  I have been working on a new set of fabrics and paper for 2013 that capture the spirit of little Red Riding Hood and although I can’t show any of the collection yet I did find some stunning surface pattern designs…..aren’t the colours and artwork brilliant!


1.  Little Red riding Hood fabric from Pocketful of Pinwheels // 2. Image via fundacion la fuente  Illustrator Paloma Valdiva // 3. Little Red Riding Hood Otogicco Case from Cute Like Cherries // 4. Little Red Riding Hood Tea Towel from Jilly Bird// 5. Papier peint *Petit faon*and Sticker toise *Petit Chaperon* from Ocechou

What’s your favourite Fairy tale?  Little Red Riding Hood is certainly one of my top three!


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