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Feeling foxy part 2 – scatter pattern

fox wood random michelle

A couple of days ago I posted my little adventures from “Foxwood” with a cluster pattern (not sure if that is the correct technical term but in the dictionary of Michelle it means taking a few motifs, grouping them together and then repeating that group.)

The pattern above is a scatter pattern, random placed motifs in no particular order but I usually try not to place two of the same motifs next to each other.  Work with whatever arrangement is pleasing to the eye and I have added a couple of co ordinates to complete the collection.

Do you always work with one type of repeating pattern? – I usually design random patterns as I find my style suits this but as you can see sometimes a pattern can be made many different ways! I’ll work on some other types of pattern and post the results!

In answering a question that came up the other day for those not confident in scatter/random patterns, start with a few floral motifs and rearrange and resize them to work together like my Painting a field of flowers design.

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Inspired by……A Wooden Door

“Inspired by” a new series on the blog of images and ideas that I see on my daily wanders that inspire me to make patterns. Sometimes the pattern of brickwork can spark a design or the skeleton of a leaf that fell from a tree, a motif on iron railings, it maybe taken literally or develop into something very different.

Today’s pattern came from an old wooden front door,

inspired by a front door1

I love the way the diagonals intersect!

Below is my sketch, I added a few more lines to create more depth….

inspired by a front door

…and then translated the pattern into illustrator to add colour and texture.

inspired by a front door13

Looks good on the final products.









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Patterned Forest

Just behind where we live is a small wood and occasionally, if you are very lucky you can catch the deer hiding!

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Inspiration Board Dynamics

On 03, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In Etsy Love | By patternandco

Dynamics is the study of the causes of motion and changes in motion, just like the seasons changing, that cross over time between summer and autumn, when the light becomes longer, the inner workings of the plants begin to show as the petals fade, the transaction between indistinct and blurred edges.

I will be working on a few new ideas this week with this mood board in mind if you spark any great designd and would like to share, even if it’s just a doodle then drop me a line or comment!

Inspiration Boards is a new series of posts to share themed mood boards to generate ideas, colour combinations, even doodles!



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