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Watercolour Waves

As much as I love working digitally,  it’s good to get back to paper and paints.

I find the hands on approach to making the textures that I often use in my patterns is much more authentic if I paint or draw a collection of ideas.  Yesterday I had the idea of a series of watercolour patterns so far we have spring plaids and tartans…

tartan bluebells patternandco

tartan apring patternandco

Grab them here!  The zig zags are a work in progress….

watercolour waves wip

And a perfect set of watercolour washed waves papers new in our digital store!




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Art EveryDay – Watercolour part 2

Following on from yesterdays watercolour flower for Art everyday month I scanned in the image, adjusted the colours and made a seamless half drop pattern – turned out really pretty and floral!



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Pinecones and triangles

Good afternoon, with the colours of Autumn all around I picked up a bit of inspiration this morning!

Staying in the studio at this time of year is so hard when the sun is shining and the leaves falling, think I might go find some more inspiration outside!  Do you have a favourite place to go?  We live half way up a big hill, overlooked by a fabulous castle and nestled just  in between is “our terrace”.  It’s a public space in front of a church overlooking the town but we spend so much time here it’s become affectionately forever ours.  Last year during the town festival a few people had come away from the crowd down below, including a young lad serenading his girlfriend with his guitar – was kind of special to hear!




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Recycled Book, Ribbons and Repeat Patterns


It’s a wonderful autumn day here with flashes of rain, wind and sunshine.  Rather than head outdoors it gave me a chance to clear out a drawer or two and I ended up spending an hour or two in the studio today gathering ribbon and inspiration.  I love the way the ribbons danced across my window and as the rain came down I thought I would try may hand at some water colour painting and my favourite pastime – patterns.

Read more…

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