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Spring alternative colours

Spring is a little fickle at the moment, one day glorious sunshine and green leaves budding with blooms in full floweriness and the next day, cold and grey and soggy fallen petals.  So ever the optimist lets shout out SPRING with a new collection of patterns and colours inspired from a few blooms I have outside.


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Pattern of the Day LONDON in words an Illustration by Linzie Hunter

On 20, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Etsy Love | By patternandco

Love this so much, all the words and letters weaving throughout London and over the River Thames.  It’s like a visual memory map of all the places I have visited and lived (although I could happily forget the epic journey to and around the roundabout at the Elephant and Castle lol)

LONDON by Linzie Hunter. Read more…

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