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Today in the studio


Today the light filled the studio along with flowers, fabric swatches and fun times.



The fabric is a sneak peek at a new line available at Modern Yardage…as soon as it is online I will shout it out! Love this colours! Yay!


Never one to miss the action… baby cakes!



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Snowflakes, mushrooms and brown paper

I love the little things that inspire me, walking out in the snow the other day, finding a wooden mushroom that has the most fabulous texture on the front, making paper snowflakes and wrapping presents in brown paper!

And the snowflakes keep on falling inside and out 🙂

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Weekly Wrap – Art everyday Month


A weekly wrap from around the studio as I missed posting every day for the wonderful Art Every Day Month, a challenge created by Leah Pilken Kolidas over at Creative Every Day.

Day 7 : Working on a vintage floral digital ink and paint mix! Working between the two mediums is really satisfying as I get my hands dirty and creative, then I can switch to fleshing out the art and adding texture!

Day 8 – Completed a more traditional floral piece set for a repeat pattern.

Day 9 – Inspired by a found green fern.  The best way to refresh my energy and gather new inspiration is to step outside!

Day 10 – New black and white pattern for note pads!

Day 10 – It was a black and red day!

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Recycled Book, Ribbons and Repeat Patterns


It’s a wonderful autumn day here with flashes of rain, wind and sunshine.  Rather than head outdoors it gave me a chance to clear out a drawer or two and I ended up spending an hour or two in the studio today gathering ribbon and inspiration.  I love the way the ribbons danced across my window and as the rain came down I thought I would try may hand at some water colour painting and my favourite pastime – patterns.

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Creative To Do List

On 20, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Etsy Love | By patternandco

Great idea for an arty way to keep you on track…..adds to my To Do List 😀

Credits: Cornflower Blue Studio

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