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Happily ever after

On 09, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco


Celebrating a new collection – Happily Ever After!  Pretty floral patterns and designs that will be available on stationery, cards and prints soon!

Following the theme and the reason the blog has been a bit quiet over the past week is because we have another celebration, our wedding day is next week – our own little happily ever after!  Wish us luck!






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Look Book in the making

I have always been interested in creating a magazine or a book, it would be really cool to gather all my favourite patterns from amazing designers and rock together an fantastic collection of pattern goodness, whilst all the little details are taking plan in my head I thought I would start on a look book of my own designs…here’s a couple of sneak shots!

bird and flora book cover michelle drew

fabric dandelion michelle drew

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Watercolour Waves

As much as I love working digitally,  it’s good to get back to paper and paints.

I find the hands on approach to making the textures that I often use in my patterns is much more authentic if I paint or draw a collection of ideas.  Yesterday I had the idea of a series of watercolour patterns so far we have spring plaids and tartans…

tartan bluebells patternandco

tartan apring patternandco

Grab them here!  The zig zags are a work in progress….

watercolour waves wip

And a perfect set of watercolour washed waves papers new in our digital store!




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Late night doodling


Relaxing and doodling, new pens and found note book, damask patterns and working in some globe thistles for the A-Z of flowers….late night doodling anyone?


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Cake party (#365patterns) Pattern 10 Cupcakes

On 04, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco

birthday cake_patternandco

Yesterday was my birthday!  Yay and with the yummiest cupcakes as a birthday treat and a big bunch of flowers I was a happy girl. Even the sun managed to come out to say “greetings” for a while.

Inspired by my full tummy I doodled a few cakes…..almost good enough to eat!


I also adore my tea towel of which I can add to my ever  growing collection!

birthday cake_4_patternandco


Added both patterns to the 365 Patterns design Challenge* on instagram, please join me over there (patternandco)

*The 365 patterns a day creative design challenge is a collaborative event with lots of designers, to see the collection of patterns and for more details drop by the caravan blog.

birthday cake_2_patternandco

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Daffy Down Dilly (#365patterns) Pattern 9 Daffodils

On 01, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In Etsy Love | By patternandco

bringing in the daffodils patternandco

“Daffy-down-dilly came up in the cold, Through the brown mould, Although the March breeze blew keen on her face, Although the white snow lay in many a place.”  Amy Lothrop

Happy St Davids Day and to finish it off a few daffodils and a  lovely roast lamb with rosemary, tatties and parsnips!

Added  to the 365 Patterns design Challenge* on instagram, please join me over there (patternandco)

*The 365 patterns a day creative design challenge is a collaborative event with lots of designers, to see the collection of patterns and for more details drop by the caravan blog.

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Lost and Found Heart Patterns

found hearts

Whilst out wandering with the camera I spotted a few hearts, a bit of inspiration for an up and coming gift wrap set (not that we need anymore on Valentines day lol)

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Protecting your work – watermaking and sharing images on the web

On 04, Dec 2012 | One Comment | In Business Talk | By patternandco

I received a couple of emails in my inbox the other day with a similar topic… do you protect your work online?  It’s a hot subject and after a bit of research I thought it would be a great idea to start the discussion with using  watermarks and a few best practices when sharing your images online!

Watermarking is all about protecting your work, adding a stamp to your designs so they are traceable.  It’s still a compromise between  getting your work out there and seen and having a level of security with what your are comfortable with sharing.  I use the word “security” with a bit of hesitation, watermarking is not fool proof but along with a few more tips below it can at least help towards protecting your work online.

Start with naming your images, include your name or business name as well.  Hover over the image below and you can see what it is called…….

This is also good for when your images are pinned as that name is what is included in the text along with the link.

After saving your original file, resize to a smaller dimension (mine are saved at 550 px wide for the web) and  at 72dpi as this helps to prevent direct printing.  I will also crop the image slightly before resizing especially if it’s a repeat pattern.  Use the save for web option  in photoshop.

The things to look at are what format, in this case jpeg, the quality and the image size (if you want your image to be scaled correctly when resizing make sure the width and height are locked)

If you click on the 4-up tab at the top you can view the different options. The first is the original image, next at a high quality,then gradually going down to a low quality.

The way I mark my designs is with a small line of text (this could be your name or in my case I use my website)  I know from the conversations I have had with other artists and illustrators that some feel much more comfortable with a bigger more visible logo.  It’s a compromise between showing your designs with a small mark or offering a bit more protection with a larger mark but not seeing the design so clearly.

Place the watermark across any part of the pattern. I have a saved file with my watermarks, logos and signatures, which I simply open and drag onto my image I wish to mark.  Sometimes the text is not so clear against a patterned background as I use a handwritten font so I’ll  add a white label underneath.

This is where you can try out different fonts and symbols that you feel comfortable with and that suit your style .  Try  a bolder font, change the colour, reduce the opacity, adding your logo is also a great idea and when you find something you like and are happy with, save the file as your watermark and then you can reuse it again and again!

Notice I also add a very discreet signature within the design.

Here I  use the copyright symbol, this can be found in Photoshop in the custom shape tool.

Adding the © is not necessary but it sends a certain message.

Another way to protect your patterns and to really show them off  is to showcase your work on products, it can be as simple as printing them out and then taking a photo and again watermark in the same way, such as in my arrows print.


Or create mock ups, fabrics, pillows, get creative!

I’ll be back soon testing out some online watermarking sites as well as a a great showcase of creative watermarking and I would of course love to here your comments and thoughts on the subject.  Do you watermark?  Are you worried about your images on the internet?

In the meantime here is a list of a few great resources that you might like to check out:

Great Q&A from Vector tuts “Should you watermark your Art”

A discussion from Kim Bruce on Anyone Can Snip: Protect Your Art with Watermarks.  I love where she writes “My reason for watermarking is not to stop people from accessing my images, but rather, to allow these good people a trail back to me and my website.”

If you only have time to check out one thing then definitely take a look at the wonderful Monica Lee over at Smart Creative Women talking to Attorney Kiffanie Stahle on copyrights and protecting your work online






ways to find your stuff online tineye, pinterest

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Table Top Pattern – Little Biscuits

Aren’t these sweet?  Today I got the chance to photography and style a Table Top Pattern.  It’s part of my new  series of photos and blog posts to inspire from creating hands on patterns made from collections of objects – or in this case Lebkuchen!

The textures, colours and shapes are beautiful (and they taste good too!)  The mushroom shaped one is my favourite, along with the irregular stripes (definitely a pattern in the making there!)

Who could resist a Christmas tree made of biscuits (already working on an advent calendar!)

Read more…

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