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From inspiration to design : workflow process

Photography and going out and about inspires me, from ideas, colours and patterns, to the first outlines of a workable design, all from one photo.

I often pick out colours around me, sometimes it’s on purpose, for example working on a mood board or new designs, I also do it without realising, whilst working on our latest designs the colours I selected as a base were the same colours as the two buildings outside my window where I sit and work.  I only noticed when I had both images open in photoshop next to each other and glanced up to see the exact same combination outside!

The rusted railing was a photo I took whilst out walking last year, I loved the hues and the decay with the ferns fading underneath.

Colours of  rust:

Patterns within:

Putting it all together:

It’s quite simple at this stage but it’s a start of a pattern.  Do you have a workflow?  What inspires your designs?


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