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Time flies when you are having fun.

Time flies when you are having fun is so true….As well as baby growing (and crawling into every nook and cranny!) I had my first glimpse of the new fabric line and have been working behind the scenes on new projects. Work is fun, not always easy to balance the time between work and family and the one area that suffers the most when times get busy is the blog!


Sneak peek at Flutter By Butterflies a new range of girl interior products (copyright 2014 Michelle Manolov)

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Feeling foxy part 2 – scatter pattern

fox wood random michelle

A couple of days ago I posted my little adventures from “Foxwood” with a cluster pattern (not sure if that is the correct technical term but in the dictionary of Michelle it means taking a few motifs, grouping them together and then repeating that group.)

The pattern above is a scatter pattern, random placed motifs in no particular order but I usually try not to place two of the same motifs next to each other.  Work with whatever arrangement is pleasing to the eye and I have added a couple of co ordinates to complete the collection.

Do you always work with one type of repeating pattern? – I usually design random patterns as I find my style suits this but as you can see sometimes a pattern can be made many different ways! I’ll work on some other types of pattern and post the results!

In answering a question that came up the other day for those not confident in scatter/random patterns, start with a few floral motifs and rearrange and resize them to work together like my Painting a field of flowers design.

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Textured Blooms

On 09, May 2013 | No Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco

nirds of a feather


The day started one way and ended another!  I have worked on new designs in several different colourways, they are under wraps for the moment until they go into production with THE company!  YAY!

So I thought I would take some time out to design for the A-Z of flowers.  Working on the letter H at the moment and my first thought was of Hellebores!  I love their colours combinations from chocolates to cherry purples, pinks, white and lime green…..but this happened instead, a combination of textures and floral blooms and I love the outcome.

Hellebores on the other hand were definitely not working today and can wait for tomorrow, some days you have to go with the flow and apparently I am still on a vintage fling.  Happy days!

nirds of a feather

These are also number 29 for the #365patterns a day challenge!  This is a collaborative event with lots of designers, to see the collection of patterns and for more details drop by the caravan blog and check out more of my patterns on instagram (patternandco)

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If you are  interested in my work  please contact me  and I will reply as soon as possible.


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