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Paper Love Inspiration

I love paper.  I am a paper Junkie.

Now that we have the confessions out of the way I can say paper for me is an inspiration.

I draw on it, paint on it, cut out shapes, print on it, fold it and make secret plans…..

watercolour patternandco

Paper is such a big part of my daily life, from list making (always with doodles down the side) to making presents look as beautiful on the outside as the inside, designing on it everyday and creating decorations that string together all my ideas.

It’s my favourite way of making a mood board and pulling together colours and textures for my latest collections.

Happy Sunday Colour Crush Pink, Peach and mellow yellow

I have the greatest time designing patterns for paper products – florals, stripes, geometrics, watercolours, the list is endless and there must be at least one or two pieces of patterned paper for everyone.  What is your favourite paper?


The PaperLove Blog Hop is a celebration of all things paper! Follow the links to discover more bloggers who love paper and use it to inspire and delight. And if you want to explore a whole world of paper, and stretch your paper passion further with a host of creative projects, why not join the innovative new online course PaperLove (starts March 31). Led by book artist Rachel Hazell, PaperLove is a five week creative adventure for paper lovers. Find out more here.


Participant list

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Christmas all wrapped up!


New Christmas wrap!

All images Copyrighted © Michelle Drew and registered 2013. All rights reserved.

If you are  interested in my work  please contact me  and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Inspired by pencils and collage

1_newborn floral m manolov

I have been hunting through a lot of fabric lately, designing new fabric patterns and looking for some pretty patterns for making my own crib sheets, gathering inspiration from coloured pencils, ribbons, hearts and playing with different shapes cut from scraps of textiles.

2_newborn floral m manolov


I like working with different materials sometimes, getting away from purely drawing or digital work, gives a different perspective sometimes and it’s fun!


3_newborn floral m manolov

1_newborn floral pattern m manolov

2_newborn floral pattern m manolov

3_newborn floral pattern m manolov

4_newborn floral pattern m manolov

All images Copyrighted © Michelle Manolov 2013. All rights reserved.

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Decorating with plants …


house_plant_michelle_drew copy

house_plant_trellis_1_michelle_drew copy

This collection is also part of the A – Z of flowers, H for Hoya bella (a most beautiful flowering indoor house plant this side of the hemisphere)

hola_flowers_michelle_drew copy


The A-Z of Flowers Project is a no pressure, design project – doddle a flower pattern every day or paint one every week, if you need a bit of inspiration or when the moment takes you go with it! Please feel free to join in – patterns, art, prints, mixed media – any type of art and design that you love …… just start with the letter A!

If you do join in be sure to let me know by posting to Patternandco’s Facebook Page and tag things with #atozofflowers then we can check out each others designs and share the floral goodness!

All images Copyrighted © Michelle Drew 2013. All rights reserved.

If you are interested in my work please contact me and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Christmas all wrapped up

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Outside the street lights and decorations have been put up ready for the Christmas market and my favourite christmas drink – Glühwein.  Glühwein is a traditional drink here in Germany usually made from red wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, star aniseed and citrus.  I love it mit Schuss (with a shot) and  after one or two we have been known to put the world to right including coming up with one of our first business ideas – a couple of hot glühwein drinks and a few scribbled ideas on a napkin perfect evening 😀

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Art Everyday and Paper Flower Love!

On 06, Nov 2012 | 2 Comments | In Etsy Love | By patternandco

Away from the computer today to make pretty recycled paper roses! I was roaming the internet looking for ideas for a handcrafted Christmas as I plan on making all my decorations and wrapping paper this year and found the easiest and oh so cute tutorial on making paper flowers via Dozi.  Take a peek!

Here’s a few more ideas I found that are on my list of things to make.  I love the colours and textures!

1 via Nathalie Foy / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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Free Ghost and Bats Pattern with Trick or Treat Gift Bag Tutorial

On 07, Oct 2012 | 4 Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco

Put on your white sheet, carve out the pumpkin and grab the lanterns.  I swear I will never be to old for holidays and although the tradition of trick and treating  is not so big here in Germany I still really enjoy making cute Halloween and thanksgiving wrapping paper!

As I was flicking though my holiday patterns I spotted my Ghost and Bats paper and I thought wouldn’t it make a cute, trick and treat, sweet filled party bag for my nephew and nieces back home – what would be even better, as I did not have a full sheet left to work with, would be if I could print out a single A4 sheet of paper and make it into a little gift bag, no cutting, minimal gluing …. insert a few badly folded experiments later until I made one that worked!

I loved it so much, that after getting carried away and making a few too many I thought it would be good to share the smiley ghosts and batty bats pattern as a free digital paper  and you can also try out my A4 paper bag guidelines if you wish to create a few cute and spooky gift bags this Autumn!

All you need is………

Read more…

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Paper Pattern and Print Love Teagan White

Browsing Society 6 earlier I fell into a world of intricate artwork by Teagan White.  Full of glorious detailled “critters” and illustrative floral designs.  Whimsical, fascinating, intriguing and textured details that I love…’s not surprising to see her client list!


I love the textures and then if you look closer the details in the typography is amazing!

Drop by her website {Teagan White} and definitely go check out Teagan on Society 6!  It’s a joy!


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Paper makes Happy

On 04, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco

Playing with paper makes me happy!

Template below:

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Hello World! Behind the art.

On 03, Mar 2012 | 4 Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco


I should have put this as my first blog post! 🙂


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