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little white book of surface pattern designers

Sketch Colour Design Repeat

Sketch Colour Design Repeat….not always in that order but in a basic way that sums up my process.


sketch michelle manolov


These are usually combined…often I have a couple of colours in mind and add or adapt depending on the brief.  Design could also be composition, this is my favourite part connecting all the piece and almost always this work is fleshed out in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Tip: if drawing animals look for flowers and leaves from their natural habitat it can help bring the design together.

colour design michelle manolov

and hopefully something good comes at the end…

heron boho pattern michelle manolo1f

boho heron michelle manolov2

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Link Love No. 1

On 10, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Likes and loves | By patternandco

link love no1

Slowly easing back into work, after a busy 2012, my priorities for 2013 are slightly different – work smarter, refresh, run with the ideas in my head (no matter how silly they sound), look after the mind, soul and body and enjoy the moment!  Things are a changing and that is a good thing and something I will be focusing more on in the blog over the coming months 🙂  In the meantime here is my first Link of love for the new year and it’s a cracker starting with…….

1.  A fantastic Blog Hop featuring an amazing bunch of talented surface pattern designers – I love these gals and am looking forward to seeing all their posts!

2. So true! Quote by Maya Angelou.

3. Dream view via Veronicalovesarchie

4. Says it all really via Leastlittlethings

5. Hope Photo, one of my favourite images that I spotted in 2012 by Lisa.anne.

6. Feather Bloom from F. Schumacher & Co.

7.  Refresh design by Kingdom Solutions.  Loving the message!

8.  The Little White Book of Surface Pattern designers compiled by Gill Eggleston, a British textile designer & surface pattern designer.  This is a great book featuring the work of many designers including myself.  What I love is the images for each designers are Eufto envelopes!  What are Eufto Envelopes?  Here’s mine below and it’s definitely worth taking a peek at all the other envelopes that have traveled round the world – what a talented bunch with an extra special thanks to Gill for putting the collection all together.



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