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Wearing my heart on my stripy sleeve

On 11, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco


Working on stripy textures and fabrics, ends in new phone cases and ipad covers!  Which is your favourite colour?  Shop.

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Creative Christmas wish list for creatives from a creative.

A Christmas wish list for creatives from a creative!  As a surface pattern designer I would be happy with anything from this list but I think you could easily adapt most of the ideas for other fields, such as graphic design or illustration.

1.  First up buy them a font.  There are some super cool fonts about try Typefont or Anodyne from My Fonts.

2.  Buy handmade…..from other artists!  Try your local craft fair or from places like Folksy and Etsy.   If all the choices are overwhelming grab a notebook or journal (you can never have to many notebooks right?).

3. Online courses seem to be really popular at the moment – my favourite The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. It is the definitive guide to becoming a surface pattern design professional.  Packed full of ideas, really valuable information and is an absolute quality course!

4.  Any product from Wacom.  I have had an intuos for many many years and really could not live without it.  I would also be happy to play with the Inkling for when I am on the move or maybe if I have been a really good girl Santa will drop the Cintiq 24HD touch in my stocking!!!

5. Subscription to Adobe Cloud – get the whole shebang and play with all the adobe goodies!

6.  Can’t afford the Adobe Cloud subscription? Have a tablet?  Try Adobe Ideas, it is a digital sketchpad app to create vector drawings.  Great if you find yourself commuting or hanging around between appointments!  Adobe have made a few other products available as apps so definitely worth checking out!

7.  A pattern book.  There are so many on my wish list that I would be happy with any.  For some great suggestions check out Patternjots board over at Pinterest BOOKS.  At the moment I am loving the Geometric Book from kapitza.  It features a collection of 264 colourful and monochrome pattern illustrations and comes with a CD containing 100 pattern fonts.

8.  Pens, pencils, crayons, chalks….whatever floats their boat.  From the cheap and cheerful to the rolls royce of pens there is something for everyones budget.  Photo and absolute amazing “doodle” from Lei Melendres.

9.  An inspirational poster!  Because we all need a bit of motivation now and then. Try Society6 or Etsy, type in inspirational poster and it will return a huge selection to choice from whatever your style! “The only way to do great work” poster by Chris Piascik.

10. Keep them up to date with a trend report.  Again lots of places where you can buy from but I like Mix Magazine as you can buy a single copy or a subscription.  A great gift!

That’s my Christmas wish list.  I am sure I have missed a lot, any recommendations feel free to leave a comment and if you are a creative and people say you are hard to buy for casually open this post on your laptop and leave it lying about – you never know who might read it 😉


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