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Pattern Pairs

Pattern Pairs (1) What’s in a bag? Camera Bags explored

At the moment I am on the search for a cool camera bag, something that doesn’t scream I am a camera bag but that manages all the bits and pieces that I need to carry around with me. As I was flicking through a few ideas I came across several that I love and started thinking this bag would suit me when I wanna meet the girls in town but take some photos on the way back or if it’s more business then this would work great…….  I guess I am not a one bag woman! So what type of bag are you?

The studious one – study, learn, teach.
Grey herringbone camera bag via MariForssell
Cooperative Pencil Jumper via  Urban outfitters


Vintage inspired.

Vintage camera motif bag via retrofied

Poncho Nini via We like fashion

Days when you just want to throw everything on!

small red leather camera bag via jill-e

Mix and Match Photo and styling via A Beautiful Mess Blog

Summer days – floral and pretty.

Betty Mustard Camera Bag via Jo Totes

V-Back Dress via Zara

For the days when I am wearing my graphic design hat (and t shirt and bag!)

Lola Red Camera Bag via Epiphanie

Colourful Eagle T Shirt via The Phrenzy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful find a bag like this in a thrift store! For the DIY gal in me.

recycled leather camera bag via ecocentric

Before and after tribal dress via apair andaspare

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  1. Perfect collection!
    Im in the process of buying a new camera for styling,, any advice appreciated! I love your thrify camera bag,, super cool!!!!!!! also the red one,,,,just gorgeous!

    great blog!

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