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The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap – from inspiration to product.


Finished my handmade stitched postcard for The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap and it’s now winging its way to Canada!

Below is my journey or discovery from idea to finished piece starting with the inspiration.

Wandering around the neighbourhood I am always on the look out for colour combinations and details and I found these beautiful grasses and flowers poking through an iron railing. They were the beginning of an idea!

As the theme for the stitched postcard swap was discovery I started with my camera and a notebook as I find no better place or time to discover new ideas and designs as when I am strolling out and about, from interesting textures, beautiful colours and light and my favourite inspiration flowers!

A few sketches later….

Next to transfer the drawings from sketch book to illustrator and to play around with the layout a bit.

Once I made a happy arrangement I printed it on fabric (you can read about my fabric experiment and a home printer here)

I thought the white and grey flowers would look lovely embroidered unfortunately my imagination does not match up to my non existent embroidery and sewing skills!  So I went for an beginners french knot for the flower centers and with a tapestry thread filled in the large blue flower.

A few embellishments later and a few happy hours later the postcard was ready to be posted.

Before I leave you to practice my sewing skills so I can become super skilled embroidery lady for the next Great Big Postcard Swap, a little note to say the fabric I made above will be available soon to buy from our shop and keep an eye out for a couple of other goodies made from this design, updates will be posted over at our facebook page pattern and co.

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  1. what a beautiful piece, I loved reading about your process to create this beautiful postcard, and I think your embroidery skills are great! Liza xxx

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