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Free Ghost and Bats Pattern with Trick or Treat Gift Bag Tutorial

On 07, Oct 2012 | 4 Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco

Put on your white sheet, carve out the pumpkin and grab the lanterns.  I swear I will never be to old for holidays and although the tradition of trick and treating  is not so big here in Germany I still really enjoy making cute Halloween and thanksgiving wrapping paper!

As I was flicking though my holiday patterns I spotted my Ghost and Bats paper and I thought wouldn’t it make a cute, trick and treat, sweet filled party bag for my nephew and nieces back home – what would be even better, as I did not have a full sheet left to work with, would be if I could print out a single A4 sheet of paper and make it into a little gift bag, no cutting, minimal gluing …. insert a few badly folded experiments later until I made one that worked!

I loved it so much, that after getting carried away and making a few too many I thought it would be good to share the smiley ghosts and batty bats pattern as a free digital paper  and you can also try out my A4 paper bag guidelines if you wish to create a few cute and spooky gift bags this Autumn!

All you need is………

Print out the Ghost and Bats paper on to one A4 sheet of paper and grab a ruler, pencil and a bit of glue.

You can print out the guidelines on the back if needed or lightly draw the lines for reference when folding.

Fold along all the black lines (if using the template)

Glue the top edge first, (don’t make my mistake of doing it last, it becomes a little fiddly to snip the edges and fold in) then glue the sides together to form an open box. Finally fold in the bottom (along the red triangle marks).  Spread glue on the inside of your triangles, fold gently in to form the base, turn it right side up, with the bottom on the table and firmly stick the base together.

Repeat with more pretty paper!

Add name tags, messages, clip them together with pegs or make a hole and secure with string, hang them, fill them and more importantly I hope you enjoy them!

Download below:

Download free Ghosts and Bats Pattern


Included in download – one Ghosts and Bats digital pattern (non-commercial use) and a pdf A4 gift bag template.  For commercial License inquiries please send a message through our Contact Form.  Thank you


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  1. Hello Michelle from a Michelle and a Fellow Flyer! You have a gorgeous blog and your art is fantabulous. These bags are just adorable as I can see so many uses for them. I’m a new follower and will catch you in FB as well.

    • Michelle thanks for stopping by and using the word “fantabulous”! I’ve just printed out some Christmas patterns to make some more gift bags which I will post up soon!

  2. What fun artwork! So glad to be participating in Flying Lessons with so many remarkable and talented women!

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