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Spoonflower goes extinct!

Okay Spoonflower itself is far from extinct, but their latest competition just ended Extinct Animals. The idea was to create a fabric design using one or more extinct animals as design motifs. Here’s a few of my favourites………..

Dickinsonia Rex

Dickinsonia Rex by Spellstone


Woolly Mammoth Pixels

Wooly Mammoth Pixels by jgpatterns



We were here by orangeblossomstudio


Dino Pattern by lizalew


Tribal Mammoth

Tribal Mammoth by demigoutte


Mammoth in Grey and Yellow by Glorydaze


A day at the museum

A Day at the Musuem by cjldesigns



ANCIENTSEA-ed by chicca_besso


Don’t forget to jump over to Spoonflower and check out the other designs and share the love if you like them 🙂

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