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Paper Pattern and Print Love

Paper Pattern and Print Love Teagan White

Browsing Society 6 earlier I fell into a world of intricate artwork by Teagan White.  Full of glorious detailled “critters” and illustrative floral designs.  Whimsical, fascinating, intriguing and textured details that I love…’s not surprising to see her client list!


I love the textures and then if you look closer the details in the typography is amazing!

Drop by her website {Teagan White} and definitely go check out Teagan on Society 6!  It’s a joy!


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  1. I have landed here from BYW Facebook group – the one and only blog I have visited in the ever growing list. I can tell that we are going to be great friends! Thanks for sharing Teagan’s work – I’m especially enamoured with those bees!

    • pattern

      Libby!! I bookmarked your blog straightaway, I love it, way too many ideas and interests and not enough time seems to be a trait we have in common (that and lego men! lol)

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