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Lets go on a journey with travel journals from Natalie Ratkovski

Where ever we travel I take photos (lots of photos!) and maybe a few little souvenirs, a postcard, a ticket stub, things like that and I put them neatly into a box or into a file on the computer.  I will look at them occasionally and they mean something to me but today I think I may have fell in love……with the Travel Journals of Natalie Ratkovski.

Travel book, Paris 2010

Natalie is a talented graphic designer and illustrator living in Oberhausen, Germany and I swear I viewed every single photo she has on Flickr, with such beautiful details and textures it was hard not to!

Travel book, Paris 2010

I adore the Paris journal with the patterns and colour.

Travel book, Paris 2010

and the illustrations in Natalie’s Gran Canaria book are wonderful.

Travel sketchbook

If you would like to see more of these beautful journals and sketch books then you can  find Natalie Ratkovski’s Art and journals over at Flickr  or take a look at her Behance Portfolio. Such a creative documentation of a holiday.  I feel inspired!

How do you record memories of a vacation? Like me with photos and the occasional pebble plucked from the shore?

If you have a super creative way of remembering your travels I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I am SO lost in the BYW forums I can’t even remember where we stumbled into each other but can I just say I am adoring your blog so far. It’s one of my favourite finds, if not THE.
    And I particularly love this post.
    More please 🙂

    • Thank you Marg! I can totally see your photos and travels wrapped up beautifully in a travel journal :))

  2. How amazingly talented-these journals look wonderful. Every year I mean to journal a holiday in a creative way and I never do. Maybe I’ll get inspired by these and change all that this Summer! 🙂

  3. I LOVE this idea! I, like you, take lots of pictures and pick up some souvenirs. But what we have done recently is starting getting a Christmas Ornament at each place we travel too. Then it’s fun at Christmas to bring them all out to put them on the tree and remember our trip there. 🙂 But I love something like this that you can look at all the time and not just Christmas.

    • Lori that is such a fantastic idea, I remember my son and I would put one small gift (usually something small from the stockings) into the Christmas box each year, so when we brought it down the following year we would be reminded of the Christmases gone by 🙂

  4. Such a lovely post! Michelle,your blog is beautiful, so glad to have found your blog through BYW2. Looking forward to reading your other posts 🙂
    Warm wishes,

    • Thank you Rhythma, it’s been great fun finding new blogging buddies!

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