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Girl Crush on Surfacephilia and my Ode to Feathers!

(Photo credits // Surfacephilia)

This post was inspired by the wonderful illustrations and designs by Surfacephilia, a highly talented surface pattern designer who is launching her debut range of cushions tomorrow! I think if I ever got to see one of her fantastically intricate wallpapers or cushions I would want to walk straight up to it and touch the textures and patterns all day 🙂


(Photo credits // Surfacephilia)

Following on from my obvious girl crush on Surfacephilia! My Ode to feathers and just a few of the way they adorn our lives now.

Credits // Tribal inspired leather feather earings via Sugarshoppe

Feathers we love you to adorn our ears and make us pretty!

Credits // Feathered hues by Design seeds.

We love you for all your varied colours.

feather forecast

Credits // Feather Forecast by Burps Liberty.

For capturing a moment so beautifully.

Papua New guinea Mount Hagen

Credits // Papua New guinea Mount Hagen by Eric Lafforgue.

For being such a diverse part of the world.

Credits // Photos by Chia Chong via Salted and Styled.

For lending yourself so beautifully to styling.

Credits // Fabric feather DIY by 100 Layer Cake.

For making us creative in so many ways!

I could have posted so many more!  Feathers inspire me and yet they are so simple yet intricate.  Do you have a favourite feather idea or design, I ‘d love to see.

By the way you can find out more about Surfacephilia by clicking the lovely links below:

Surfacephilia Facebook

Surfacephilia Website

Surfacephilia Shop

Surfacephilia Blog




  1. Thanks for this very beautiful ode 🙂 I, too, love feathers. And I adore Surfacephilia!

    • Eva thank you, although I think I may have to work on my “ode-ing”, but the awesome Surfacephilia and wonderful work of the feather artists and designers definitely make up for it!

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