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Tutorial : Pattern up your Words in Photoshop

On 01, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In Etsy Love | By patternandco

Adding a pattern to a font is a great way to make over your images for your blog or to create a fab and original word or two!

Easy tutorial for photoshop follows below.

Open up a new file and with the Type Tool choose a bold “chunky” font in which to write your word. I wrote LOVE twice with two different fonts so you could see how the patterns look different on different shapes.

1. ctrl + click on the white box in your layer palette to select the letters.

2. Click on the highlighted button at the bottom of the layers palette and a menu will pop out, select pattern, now you should have a pattern layer above your word layer.

Now the fun part… just need to pick a pattern!

TIP: Play around with the scale for loads of different effects.

With the top word I choose a diagonal stripe and for the bottom word one of my floral patterns.

You can stop right there or carry on adding to the effect.

If you want to add a bit more open the Layer style menu by double clicking with the left mouse button on the layer you wish to adjust in the layer palette (or go to layer-layer style-blending options)

Here you can add drop shadows, inner shadows, bevel the edges, change the colour and many other things.  I went for a slight drop shadow and a white stroke to make the words stand out a bit more, it also gives them a sticker effect.  Play to your hearts content!

When you are finished and happy with the result, save your file as a psd. so you have it for another time and can easily change the patterns and make other adjustments.

TIP: To stop the pattern from moving if you want to change the size of the word either merge the word and pattern layer or select your pattern layer and  right click anywhere in the layer area next to the white box, from the drop down box and select Convert to smart object.

Now you are free to drag, drop and resize on any image.

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