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Book Review : Jump Trust Repeat by Jessica Swift

On 11, Jul 2012 | 4 Comments | In Etsy Love | By patternandco

A new e-book from Jessica Swift is out called Jump Trust Repeat.

I signed up to grab a copy early and picked it up a couple of days ago.  I have read it cover to cover! Twice! But I won’t be letting this gather dust on my tablet, it’s one of those informative and driven reads that I’ll be dipping into time and time again as it covers so many topics on running a creative business.  It’s not a how to which I love, often those types of books don’t fit me, I find I can’t do this on that day followed by that after so to read that Jessica has a just do it attitude is fascinating.

Beginning from her first licensing deal to the wonderful wellington boots Kicker starter project the first part of the journey covers Jessica’s story.  She talks openly and honestly about the highs AND lows and juggling everything else along the way.

Jump Trust Repeat came about just when I needed it.  And although it would be  a bit over the top to say it changed my life, it did change and direct my thinking. I had been worrying a lot lately and being indecisive about too many projects and which way to jump but after reading part one I felt energized to follow the path that felt right for me.

It is more than just a life story of how Jessica Swift become a artist and business.  It’s an insightful and extremely useful book for artists and surface pattern designers who want to make a living from their art.

The 2nd part of the book is dedicated to questions and answers and deals with finances, (the dreaded) pricing, time management, trade shows, networking and much more……It’s over 100 pages of insightful and heartfelt information.

 Quoted from the introduction of Jump Trust Repeat by Jessica Swift:

“Your wildest dreams are totally 100% available to you.  No matter what.”

Website: Jessica Swift

Blog: Treasuring by Jessica Swift

Information on Jump Trust Repeat


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  1. i got her book the day it came out too and i’ve read it twice. she is so helpful and inspiring!
    glad you loved it as much as i did.

    • Tammie It’s a great book! I shall be dipping in it all the time.

  2. Thank you for this review. I was wondering if you read other books on the same topic and what’s the score you give to this book compared to others? I am interested in buying it, yet the price is quite high, so I would like to know if this is a good inverstemnt for someone who is searching a “how to” guide in launching an art business.


    • Hi Mihaela, I haven’t read any other books on this subject although I am told Lilla Rogers book is worth a look! If you are at the beginning of a career in surface pattern design and want useful information on how Jessica launched her own career it is highly recommended! It covers many parts from licensing and agents, trade shows and Jessica’s own personal experience! The price is more expensive now than when I purchased the book but I did find it very insightful! Are you looking into surface pattern design in particular or just an art business? Feel free to drop me an email if you wish to chat further 🙂

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