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Colour Crush


On 13, Mar 2012 | 4 Comments | In Colour Crush | By patternandco

Waiting for spring…………….!

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  1. Dear Michelle,
    I am here to say thank you very much for featuring my blog on your site, under the Joy category. It’s an amazing site and I could never have imagined that such a professional would be one of our classmates. You’re already a pro. It means a curiosity towards learning that is admirable. I will come back more frequently, now that I know the way. Thank you very much.

    • pattern

      Wow Thank you Bethania! I added the section joy because that is exactly what this has been, a joy to find all new creative and talented people….now to go add more 😀

  2. Dear Michelle,
    Me too, I’m very surprised being featured on yoyr site with my blog! Thank’s a lot!!
    Your site and blog are wonderfull, so eyecatching… love the 70-ties designs, they are yours?
    And wonderful all the tutorials, I come back to read them…
    Great you are in our class! Thanks for posting!

    • pattern

      Miranda, I am very glad you are here and it’s been really great meeting everyone from the class, I think we can all learn so much from one another 😀

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