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Colour Crush

PInk Citrus Colour Crush

On 08, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Colour Crush | By patternandco

Flowers inspire me, it’s not just the blooms but the textures and the colours!  Oh my the colours – There is nothing easier than mixing and matching an assortment of tulips or roses for a riot of energetic and inspiring tones.

These beauties were snapped yesterday whist walking at the castle park, it’s beautiful throughout the seasons but right now it’s sparkling in pinks and limes, citrus yellows and fresh greens (I wonder if the groundsmen realise they are spot on trend this season!)

I have gathered a few of my favourite ideas that use pink and yellow to great effect.

I adore the font on the textured background with the yellow bar stools (pinned in ideas for my breakfast area)

Photo :: Dough rises to community expectation via habitus living



Sweet tooth!  Great party decoration from Sweet Heart (swank sweets)


Loving the punches  of colour in a room  (also everything is easy to swap around for those days when you need a change) and recycling old magazines is another one that caught my eye (bookmarked to make textures with later!)

Photos :: Hint of pink via Pure Green Magazine // DIY Recycle a Magazine via Alma Stoller

But it doesn’t have to be bright, I have quite taken a shine to the bathroom below.

Photo :: Polly Chromous via Catchpole and Rye

Over the weekend I shall be working  splashes of  pinks, lime and yellow into my patterns and textures.  Do you have a crush on Pink and Yellow?

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