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surface pattern design

Experimenting with printing on fabrics using a home printer.

Yesterday I was playing around with printing on fabrics, I love painting and stamping on different materials but after working on a design on the computer I wanted to see it on fabric, I only needed a pocket size piece A quick google later for fabric printers (not for the faint hearted!) I spied my old printer and thought lets give it a go.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the experiment follow below:

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A happy surprise and a post-it-note to myself to dream big!

Amongst my many post it notes and doodles in my sketch book is a little wish, a dream if you like, to one day be published in a book!  That little post it note took one step further today to being realised thanks to Kristi O’Meara Founder of Patternbase.

Kristi is creating a book called PATTERNBASE: A Collection of Contemporary Textile + Surface Design and a few of my designs are to be included.

(insert happy dance and a billion smiley faces here) words can’t say how happy!

Little Piece of Happy (blue)

Photo by Laura Berger

And I am in good company….Congratulations also to my fellow classmates Miranda MolChickaprint, Faye Brown, Femi Ford, Mel Smith Designs, and there is many more but as I haven’t seen a facebook update or blog post I thought I would keep quiet in case they want to shout the news out first themselves. Group hug!!



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New Online Store with Envelop

Excited to be starting a new venture with the fantastic Envelop.

Envelop is is an online print-on-demand platform where illustrators can create, promote and sell high quality cotton items to textile lovers worldwide.

I found their site a few weeks ago and after carefully reading their terms and conditions I thought it sounded like a great way to get my designs out there and on a few products. I really liked the idea that you have to approved first and once you are given the go ahead each design you submit goes through another review to make sure the design  conforms to their guidelines, technically and content-wise.

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Girl Crush on Surfacephilia and my Ode to Feathers!

(Photo credits // Surfacephilia)

This post was inspired by the wonderful illustrations and designs by Surfacephilia, a highly talented surface pattern designer who is launching her debut range of cushions tomorrow! I think if I ever got to see one of her fantastically intricate wallpapers or cushions I would want to walk straight up to it and touch the textures and patterns all day 🙂

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Street Party celebrations! Bunting Treats!

When I saw all the bunting and flags flying around for the Queens Jubilee my first reaction was to string a whole load around our courtyard, bake a cake and have a party but the weather here put a dampener on that idea so I settled in front of the computer instead and found a mountain of bunting inspiration!!

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Passion 4 Print Blog Hop When Grey mets Yellow

Welcome! If you are on the Passion for Pattern Bloghop today, you’ve probably just joined us from the wonderful blog of the creative Surface Pattern designer Mel Smith (I adore her Silk Scarf design!).

Please dive further down and check out a little taste of my blog, Pattern&Co, a place where I cook up patterns, share a slice of inspiration and chat about my journey through designing and the wonderful people and ideas that I discover along the way!

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Blooming Diamonds – Jubilee Celebrations

A field of blooming diamonds!

Fancy a right royal party…..

or a more classic, shabby chic affair……..

However you are celebrating, enjoy and if you really love diamonds as much as me (and who doesn’t) drop by my Pinterest board – Diamonds by Design and check out all the fantastic diamond inspired artwork and images!  One of my favourites is a chocolate and diamond combination!!!  Diamond Fondue by Giuseppe Salerno

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From inspiration to design : workflow process

Photography and going out and about inspires me, from ideas, colours and patterns, to the first outlines of a workable design, all from one photo.

I often pick out colours around me, sometimes it’s on purpose, for example working on a mood board or new designs, I also do it without realising, whilst working on our latest designs the colours I selected as a base were the same colours as the two buildings outside my window where I sit and work.  I only noticed when I had both images open in photoshop next to each other and glanced up to see the exact same combination outside!

The rusted railing was a photo I took whilst out walking last year, I loved the hues and the decay with the ferns fading underneath.

Colours of  rust:

Patterns within:

Putting it all together:

It’s quite simple at this stage but it’s a start of a pattern.  Do you have a workflow?  What inspires your designs?


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