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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday if it’s your birthday today!

Do you know you share it with Demi Moore and Leonardo Dicaprio and it is also Pattern and Co’s 10 month anniversary.  This time in January I posted my first blog post, since then the blog has grown a lot and it’s getting bigger!  Thank you so much to all who have dropped by, I really appreciate it!

The cards were created for the Hand Drawn Typography brief over at Tigerprint AND tomorrow I will walk through the process of sketch to finished artwork on another one of my hand drawn cards!  It’s really fun to take a doodle and make a pattern or original typography – I love it!

I really liked the style of the illustration so I made a quick font – Doodle Font (Michelle) –  If you don’t have illustrator and want to make your own hand written font try out My Script Font.  Great site!

Art Everyday – Moving in the right direction

Moving in the right direction is spot on for today!  I have over the last few weeks been building an online shop and working through all the parts, the design, drawing up licenses, learning a whole new set of skills from basic html and css to integrating a shopping cart! Pretty proud of myself as all the pieces are starting to come together in a cohesive brand!

So today’s Art everyday month is a visual reminder of how things are pointing in the right direction!

You can keep up to date with my progress and updates over on my Facebbook page or say hello on twitter!

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Art EveryDay – Watercolour part 2

Following on from yesterdays watercolour flower for Art everyday month I scanned in the image, adjusted the colours and made a seamless half drop pattern – turned out really pretty and floral!



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Art EveryDay – Watercolour

For today’s Art everyday month I tried my hand at a bit of watercolour, this is about my third attempt (first time I drew blackberries, then triangles!)  A work in progress, tomorrow I think I’ll see how it works into a pattern!!!

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You make me smile everyday!

You make me smile everyday…yes you do!

Sketching the ideas and outlines (at 4.30am because I couldn’t sleep and now lack typing skills due to tiredness! It’s a trade off.)

And something just for fun! A little piece for Art everyday month. Do jump over and check it out!


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Hello Sunday.

Sundays are a good day and with the extra hour I have cooked a chicken and mushroom pie with white sauce, baked an apple cake with super vanilla frosting, thrown around a few leaves and worked a bit in between!  This may not happen everyday, in fact you can guarantee that but hey I am happy while it lasts!


This cake is amazingly nice and easy! And eating your cake before dinner is perfectly acceptable right?  Happy weekend!

(spiced applesauce cake recipe via Smitten Kitchen)

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Pattern + Textures

Late night art and textures.

When do you work best? I always thought it was in the morning but having sat down late in the evening to doodle I found that it brings out a whole new side to my work!  A bit darker, more heavy on the textures – I shall be mixing up my schedule a bit more!

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Free Ghost and Bats Pattern with Trick or Treat Gift Bag Tutorial

On 07, Oct 2012 | 4 Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco

Put on your white sheet, carve out the pumpkin and grab the lanterns.  I swear I will never be to old for holidays and although the tradition of trick and treating  is not so big here in Germany I still really enjoy making cute Halloween and thanksgiving wrapping paper!

As I was flicking though my holiday patterns I spotted my Ghost and Bats paper and I thought wouldn’t it make a cute, trick and treat, sweet filled party bag for my nephew and nieces back home – what would be even better, as I did not have a full sheet left to work with, would be if I could print out a single A4 sheet of paper and make it into a little gift bag, no cutting, minimal gluing …. insert a few badly folded experiments later until I made one that worked!

I loved it so much, that after getting carried away and making a few too many I thought it would be good to share the smiley ghosts and batty bats pattern as a free digital paper  and you can also try out my A4 paper bag guidelines if you wish to create a few cute and spooky gift bags this Autumn!

All you need is………

Read more…

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A little Bird told me….

A little bird told me……that the fantastic Tigerprint featured me yesterday!!!  (Insert Happy Dance) and he also said that we should all dream big!!  What does your little bird twitter to you?

(Credit // A Little Bird Told me gift card)


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