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Free Ghost and Bats Pattern with Trick or Treat Gift Bag Tutorial

On 07, Oct 2012 | 4 Comments | In My Pattern and Print | By patternandco

Put on your white sheet, carve out the pumpkin and grab the lanterns.  I swear I will never be to old for holidays and although the tradition of trick and treating  is not so big here in Germany I still really enjoy making cute Halloween and thanksgiving wrapping paper!

As I was flicking though my holiday patterns I spotted my Ghost and Bats paper and I thought wouldn’t it make a cute, trick and treat, sweet filled party bag for my nephew and nieces back home – what would be even better, as I did not have a full sheet left to work with, would be if I could print out a single A4 sheet of paper and make it into a little gift bag, no cutting, minimal gluing …. insert a few badly folded experiments later until I made one that worked!

I loved it so much, that after getting carried away and making a few too many I thought it would be good to share the smiley ghosts and batty bats pattern as a free digital paper  and you can also try out my A4 paper bag guidelines if you wish to create a few cute and spooky gift bags this Autumn!

All you need is………

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A little Bird told me….

A little bird told me……that the fantastic Tigerprint featured me yesterday!!!  (Insert Happy Dance) and he also said that we should all dream big!!  What does your little bird twitter to you?

(Credit // A Little Bird Told me gift card)


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Black + White + inspiration

Flower heads, lace and geometry are not a usual combination but I realised they are some of my favourite things.

Who doesn’t adore flowers (especially those that are gifts!) the texture of the petals to the rich colours, perfect for painting.  Lace also fascinates me, the delicate details and designs, someday I would like to take a lace making course preferably in a beautiful setting in the countryside (suggestions welcome) and I do love shapes, squares and triangles in various forms can keep me amused for hours, from the most basic pattern building up into complex and intricate designs, layering with textures just makes me happy!

What started as a mismatch set of objects helped provide inspiration for a new selection of <black + white> patterns.  Still a work in progress but if you are up for a challenge  why not grab three of your favourite things and use them as a starting point….who knows where you will end up!

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Creating Sunshine and Showers – A starting point

Where do you ideas begin? From a doodle, an image, a colour?

I thought I would try something a bit different and start with some simple shapes from tissue papers, I love the textural properties of tissue paper and the way you can blend colours and so easy to rearrange into different shapes and patterns.

Here’s a few of the patterns that I created from my Tissue paper designs, the Summers End Collection.

I ran with the idea a bit more and the next part is really exciting, seeing and selling your designs!

Working on some fabric and cushion designs from the collection which will be available soon along with the iPhone covers, cards and prints available from our shop.

I love the tactile nature of hands on pattern making and getting away from the computer for a few hours and just letting imagination take over!  Any other creative inspirational ways in which you have fun and begin the design process I would love to hear!


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Tigerprint Male Fashion Icons & Symbols – Runner up!

Very happy to announce I am one of 3 runners up in the Tigerprint Male Fashion Icons & Symbols!

“Gorgeous pattern design here and so clever with the bow tie element used. We particularly loved the use of textures in all of Patternandco’s designs. Great work!”

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