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Pattern Pairs

Pattern Pairs (3) Chuck out your chintz – IKEA

Anyone remember this advert from Ikea? The one where we were all encouraged to chuck out our chintz?  I was reminded of it when flipping through the latest Ikea catalogue.  There seems to be a healthy dose of gorgeous, floral, dare I say chintz! featured within its pages as well as a fab collection of prints and new ideas.

Video credit : Chuck Out Your Chintz from Pentagram on Vimeo.


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Pattern Pairs (1) What’s in a bag? Camera Bags explored

At the moment I am on the search for a cool camera bag, something that doesn’t scream I am a camera bag but that manages all the bits and pieces that I need to carry around with me. As I was flicking through a few ideas I came across several that I love and started thinking this bag would suit me when I wanna meet the girls in town but take some photos on the way back or if it’s more business then this would work great…….  I guess I am not a one bag woman! So what type of bag are you?

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