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Notes from the Sketch Book

Pattern + Textures

Late night art and textures.

When do you work best? I always thought it was in the morning but having sat down late in the evening to doodle I found that it brings out a whole new side to my work!  A bit darker, more heavy on the textures – I shall be mixing up my schedule a bit more!

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Inspiration from the studio: Peach and Black

A mood board inspired by peach and black with a shot of acid yellow, throw in a few patterns and you have a corner of my studio at the moment. Happy weekend!

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Pinecones and triangles

Good afternoon, with the colours of Autumn all around I picked up a bit of inspiration this morning!

Staying in the studio at this time of year is so hard when the sun is shining and the leaves falling, think I might go find some more inspiration outside!  Do you have a favourite place to go?  We live half way up a big hill, overlooked by a fabulous castle and nestled just  in between is “our terrace”.  It’s a public space in front of a church overlooking the town but we spend so much time here it’s become affectionately forever ours.  Last year during the town festival a few people had come away from the crowd down below, including a young lad serenading his girlfriend with his guitar – was kind of special to hear!




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A little Bird told me….

A little bird told me……that the fantastic Tigerprint featured me yesterday!!!  (Insert Happy Dance) and he also said that we should all dream big!!  What does your little bird twitter to you?

(Credit // A Little Bird Told me gift card)


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Black + White + inspiration

Flower heads, lace and geometry are not a usual combination but I realised they are some of my favourite things.

Who doesn’t adore flowers (especially those that are gifts!) the texture of the petals to the rich colours, perfect for painting.  Lace also fascinates me, the delicate details and designs, someday I would like to take a lace making course preferably in a beautiful setting in the countryside (suggestions welcome) and I do love shapes, squares and triangles in various forms can keep me amused for hours, from the most basic pattern building up into complex and intricate designs, layering with textures just makes me happy!

What started as a mismatch set of objects helped provide inspiration for a new selection of <black + white> patterns.  Still a work in progress but if you are up for a challenge  why not grab three of your favourite things and use them as a starting point….who knows where you will end up!

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Recycled Book, Ribbons and Repeat Patterns


It’s a wonderful autumn day here with flashes of rain, wind and sunshine.  Rather than head outdoors it gave me a chance to clear out a drawer or two and I ended up spending an hour or two in the studio today gathering ribbon and inspiration.  I love the way the ribbons danced across my window and as the rain came down I thought I would try may hand at some water colour painting and my favourite pastime – patterns.

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Repeat after me….

The last couple of days I’ve been stuck in organization and background tasks, those things that need to be done but that are not in the least bit interesting and somewhat stressful! To stop my mind exploding I thought I’d take a break and find some repeating patterns outside, an incentive and inspiration to look through as soon as I’ve finished working on all the necessities!

The beautiful roses above were taken from the Castle gardens that tower above us, they would make a fantastic repeat floral composition, I may even try watercolours!

Moving onto raindrops, love them! So many options from the simplest raindrop shape to a metallic and silver watery effect pattern.

Cobbled streets oh how I love you (except when it’s raining or when I want to where high heels) but they are great for inspriation – I am thinking doodle squares, grid lines, perhaps with curves.

The tickets all lined up looked fantastic, going to take this one out of the box though and play around with stripes of rectangle paper shapes, different colours and textures!

The final photo below I have cheated (I actually took this photo earlier in the year). I have already made a pattern based on the shapes and colours of the photo – read about From inspiration to design : workflow process here!

What inspires you?  Are you drawn to any one subject? Or is it something more abstract?  Be great to hear your comments!






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Creating Sunshine and Showers – A starting point

Where do you ideas begin? From a doodle, an image, a colour?

I thought I would try something a bit different and start with some simple shapes from tissue papers, I love the textural properties of tissue paper and the way you can blend colours and so easy to rearrange into different shapes and patterns.

Here’s a few of the patterns that I created from my Tissue paper designs, the Summers End Collection.

I ran with the idea a bit more and the next part is really exciting, seeing and selling your designs!

Working on some fabric and cushion designs from the collection which will be available soon along with the iPhone covers, cards and prints available from our shop.

I love the tactile nature of hands on pattern making and getting away from the computer for a few hours and just letting imagination take over!  Any other creative inspirational ways in which you have fun and begin the design process I would love to hear!


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