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Likes and loves

Paper Love Inspiration

I love paper.  I am a paper Junkie.

Now that we have the confessions out of the way I can say paper for me is an inspiration.

I draw on it, paint on it, cut out shapes, print on it, fold it and make secret plans…..

watercolour patternandco

Paper is such a big part of my daily life, from list making (always with doodles down the side) to making presents look as beautiful on the outside as the inside, designing on it everyday and creating decorations that string together all my ideas.

It’s my favourite way of making a mood board and pulling together colours and textures for my latest collections.

Happy Sunday Colour Crush Pink, Peach and mellow yellow

I have the greatest time designing patterns for paper products – florals, stripes, geometrics, watercolours, the list is endless and there must be at least one or two pieces of patterned paper for everyone.  What is your favourite paper?


The PaperLove Blog Hop is a celebration of all things paper! Follow the links to discover more bloggers who love paper and use it to inspire and delight. And if you want to explore a whole world of paper, and stretch your paper passion further with a host of creative projects, why not join the innovative new online course PaperLove (starts March 31). Led by book artist Rachel Hazell, PaperLove is a five week creative adventure for paper lovers. Find out more here.


Participant list

Majo Bautista / Tona Bell Louise Best Cathy Bluteau / Jennifer Bomgardner / Giova Brusa / Lindsay Buck / Beka Buckley / Joanna Caskie / Jonathan Chapman (Mr Yen) / Halle Cisco / Sarah Clare / Cathryn Clarge / Dawn Clarkson / Rhiannon Connelly Jenny D’Fuego / Molly Dhiman / Ian Dudley / Ayisatu Emore / Akmal Farid / Monika Forsberg / Claire Fritz-Domeney / Louise Gale / Chrissy Gaskell / Julie Hamilton / Emma Hawman / Rachel Hazell / Holly Helgeson / Claudine Hellmuth / Kim Henkel / Sarah Hoffman / Joanne Hus / Paula Joerling / Beth Kempton / Julie Kirk / Eos Koch / Katie LaClair / Kristy Lankford / Michelle Manolov / Doreen Marts Rosie Martinez-Dekker / Tori Mears / Maria Mederios / Lise Meijer / Debbie Miller / MaryJane Mitchell / Suzy Naidoo / Grace Noel / Hannah Nunn / Camilla Olsson / Jo Packham / Rachelle Panagarry / Monette Pangan / Melanie Paul Nicole Piar / Jen Pitta / Liz Plummer Julie Reed / Michelle Reynolds / Lisa Rivas Angee Robertson / Natalie Ryan / Aisling Ryan / Elisabet Sapena / Kyrrha Sevco / Jamie Sprague / Elizabeth Steele / Terri Stephens / Juniper Stokes / Mary Tanana / Maike Thoma / Linda Tieu Gabrielle Treanor / Tammy Tutterow / Deborah Velasquez / Jordan Vinograd Kim / Cat Whipple / Brooke Witt / Katie Wood Amelia Woodbridge

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Pillow Love

pillow love

Moving always gets me decorating and thinking of the accessories and extra touches, plus it’s Christmas round the corner and I am on the look out for presents!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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What I am reading at the moment

On 21, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Likes and loves | By patternandco

Okay these are not new publications but sometimes when you rediscover things that are beautiful and inspiring it’s definitely worth a pause in the day to reread and share.
The Antiquarian Post (online magazines) are the visual journal of Emma James and Bailey Amon.

Emma is a talented illustrator and print designer and Bailey is an amazing calligrapher and stylist.

Each issue explores their current inspirations and obsessions with my favourite two issues being The Antiquarian Post, Issue No. 4 and The Antiquarian Post Issue No.1

Truly gorgeous!
The Antiquarian Post 1

The Antiquarian Post 2

Emma James and Bailey Amon also have a vintage housewares store “Antiquaria” and a “Design Studio” for custom invitations and you can view all their publications here!

The Antiquarian Post 3


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Link Love No. 1

On 10, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Likes and loves | By patternandco

link love no1

Slowly easing back into work, after a busy 2012, my priorities for 2013 are slightly different – work smarter, refresh, run with the ideas in my head (no matter how silly they sound), look after the mind, soul and body and enjoy the moment!  Things are a changing and that is a good thing and something I will be focusing more on in the blog over the coming months 🙂  In the meantime here is my first Link of love for the new year and it’s a cracker starting with…….

1.  A fantastic Blog Hop featuring an amazing bunch of talented surface pattern designers – I love these gals and am looking forward to seeing all their posts!

2. So true! Quote by Maya Angelou.

3. Dream view via Veronicalovesarchie

4. Says it all really via Leastlittlethings

5. Hope Photo, one of my favourite images that I spotted in 2012 by Lisa.anne.

6. Feather Bloom from F. Schumacher & Co.

7.  Refresh design by Kingdom Solutions.  Loving the message!

8.  The Little White Book of Surface Pattern designers compiled by Gill Eggleston, a British textile designer & surface pattern designer.  This is a great book featuring the work of many designers including myself.  What I love is the images for each designers are Eufto envelopes!  What are Eufto Envelopes?  Here’s mine below and it’s definitely worth taking a peek at all the other envelopes that have traveled round the world – what a talented bunch with an extra special thanks to Gill for putting the collection all together.



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Creative Christmas wish list for creatives from a creative.

A Christmas wish list for creatives from a creative!  As a surface pattern designer I would be happy with anything from this list but I think you could easily adapt most of the ideas for other fields, such as graphic design or illustration.

1.  First up buy them a font.  There are some super cool fonts about try Typefont or Anodyne from My Fonts.

2.  Buy handmade…..from other artists!  Try your local craft fair or from places like Folksy and Etsy.   If all the choices are overwhelming grab a notebook or journal (you can never have to many notebooks right?).

3. Online courses seem to be really popular at the moment – my favourite The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. It is the definitive guide to becoming a surface pattern design professional.  Packed full of ideas, really valuable information and is an absolute quality course!

4.  Any product from Wacom.  I have had an intuos for many many years and really could not live without it.  I would also be happy to play with the Inkling for when I am on the move or maybe if I have been a really good girl Santa will drop the Cintiq 24HD touch in my stocking!!!

5. Subscription to Adobe Cloud – get the whole shebang and play with all the adobe goodies!

6.  Can’t afford the Adobe Cloud subscription? Have a tablet?  Try Adobe Ideas, it is a digital sketchpad app to create vector drawings.  Great if you find yourself commuting or hanging around between appointments!  Adobe have made a few other products available as apps so definitely worth checking out!

7.  A pattern book.  There are so many on my wish list that I would be happy with any.  For some great suggestions check out Patternjots board over at Pinterest BOOKS.  At the moment I am loving the Geometric Book from kapitza.  It features a collection of 264 colourful and monochrome pattern illustrations and comes with a CD containing 100 pattern fonts.

8.  Pens, pencils, crayons, chalks….whatever floats their boat.  From the cheap and cheerful to the rolls royce of pens there is something for everyones budget.  Photo and absolute amazing “doodle” from Lei Melendres.

9.  An inspirational poster!  Because we all need a bit of motivation now and then. Try Society6 or Etsy, type in inspirational poster and it will return a huge selection to choice from whatever your style! “The only way to do great work” poster by Chris Piascik.

10. Keep them up to date with a trend report.  Again lots of places where you can buy from but I like Mix Magazine as you can buy a single copy or a subscription.  A great gift!

That’s my Christmas wish list.  I am sure I have missed a lot, any recommendations feel free to leave a comment and if you are a creative and people say you are hard to buy for casually open this post on your laptop and leave it lying about – you never know who might read it 😉


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Happy Friday Finds!

On 26, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In Likes and loves | By patternandco

I started today with writing a blog post about who am I? Finding a style, it was all written in my head but when it came to typing the vision kinda got lost.  If I could link my thoughts to a word processor that might be more successful.  Part of the problem is that I think a lot when I am hoovering or doing all those little jobs that need doing…..I also have great brain waves in the bathroom! Maybe I shouldn’t share that one!  lol

So whilst I plod through all the ideas and words I leave you with some inspiration from blog land that I have hit upon this week!  (Just thinking of a title for this post also perplexed me, if someone finds my writing brain can they please send it back – yours gratefully Michelle)


1. Impressionen Gorgeous grey sweater with that yellow scarf, my style all wrapped up and ready for autumn!

2. Studio and work of Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard!

3. Veda House.  A clean and fascinating site sharing design ideas.  The Freelance journeys are a must read, honest and insightful! Quoted “Design is no fun unless you get to share it with others, right?”

4. Scoutie Girl is a great find “We riff on the creative, muse on the digital, and jam on self-actualization. This life is a masterpiece and we plan to live every minute to its fullest. “ Plus if you sign up to their newsletter you can a great ebook Crafting a Life by Tara Gentile!

5.  Smart Creative Women.  Totally love this site and have had most of the recordings on in the background in the morning when I am sorting through things.  There is a heap of videos with a TON of informative and inspiring folks. Really enjoyed the chat with Alma Loveland, Designer, Illustrator Guru and Pie Maker and for fellow Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design students there is a great chat with Rachael Taylor and for the flyers Kelly Rae Roberts has a great two part chat on art licensing amongst other things!

Didn’t realise till after that even my web browsing is colour coordinated!!  Happy Friday!


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Q&A with Eva Marion Seyffarth

On 21, Oct 2012 | 4 Comments | In FEATURED!, Likes and loves | By patternandco

Eva Marion Seyffarth  is a talented illustrator, surface pattern designer and art teacher. Throw into the mix her recent return from Indigo Paris I was thrilled when she kindly agreed to take a moment from her busy schedule and  answer a few questions for Pattern and co about her inspiration, autumn traditions and impressions from Indigo!

What Inspires Your Patterns and Illustrations?

I think it is simply all the bits and pieces of everyday life. The dancing ghosties (From the surface pattern design collection “In the Woods”  below) for example  were inspired by autumn leafs swirling in the wind outside my studio window. I also get very inspired by music, words and stories (fairytales, children’s stories, poetry or sometimes just a newspaper article).

Do you have any Halloween or Autumn traditions?

Being from Germany we don’t really have any Halloween traditions. Halloween is now getting more popular (I think mostly influenced from the USA) but it’s not a “grown” tradition here.

Autumn traditions … there’s many, well not really traditions, more habits: going for long walks in our colourful woods, a last swim in the lake with hot spicy tea and lots of warm blankets afterwards, my parents arriving with loads of tasty red apples from their garden, sitting around a fire on our rooftop garden on autumn evenings, the first pumpkin soup with apples and sheep’s cheese … it really is my favourite time of the year!


Can you sum up your experiences on Indigo in a few words?

Phew … that’s not easy …

All in all it has been a great experience and a much needed impression of reality in surface design. As a newbie I looked at it with fresh and sometimes maybe naive eyes … but it helped me a lot to get my future career plans sorted. I felt totally inspired by all I’ve seen and by the sincere exchange of thoughts with my fellow designers – but I confess I was a bit intimidated by the sheer amount of designs as well. As a result of the whole experience I have now decided to really go for surface design. It might be a difficult path, but it’s certainly an interesting and rewarding one!

(You can read the full story over at Eva’s blog- Back from Indigo, Paris … zurück aus Paris, von der Indigo! )


All time favourite surface pattern design?

“Unikko” by Maija Isola/Marimekko.

Tools of the Trade?

I work by hand and digital and kind of mix everything. Mostly my designs are hand drawn or hand painted and then finished off using both Photoshop and illustrator.

Thank you so much Eva for your insights and for sharing your photos!

Take a moment to grab a cup of tea and browse Eva’s inspiration and portfolio over at Creative Journey by *Hand and Mind, I love the inspiration behind the 50’s Patio Collection designs and before I go I also wanted to share some of Eva’s fantastic fabric available over at Spoonflower! Beautiful nature inspired designs!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

(Image Credits with the exceptions of the video and tools of the trade pic all images are ©Eva Marion Seyffarth)

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Receiving and sending

I am so pleased I received a wonderful set of cards yesterday from Carol Nunan, it was a beautiful autumn day and the light was perfect for snapping some photos.

Today the skies are dark so I am going to embrace the changing weather and take a moment to write a thank you and send a couple of letters. I think writing letters or sending small cards is a great and very personal way to stay in touch with people despite the immediacy of email or messaging, a handwritten note is still my favourite!

And what a beautiful set of original cards to send to my family and friends along with a couple of photos, a note or two and a few doodles (yes my sister and I doodle in our letters to one another :D).

Read more…

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Fab Five New Loves and Likes

On 06, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In Likes and loves | By patternandco

Lots of new likes on Patternandco’s Facebook page and I love following and returning the likes, discovering new art and creative people, so much so that I thought it would be nice to give a shout out and show some of the amazing independent businesses and artists that have dropped by…

Todd Evans Art – Colourful and positive art, loving the vogue 1920’s flapper inspired woman // Facebook // Shop

Alice’s Apparel – Fantastic small store full of cute garments, accessories and vintage clothes – I adore the Chic floral print jacket, perfect!  // Facebook // Shop

Claire Henley Art – A talented illustrator and designer and after reading her about page she likes to write children’s books too – Talented lady indeed and picking just one of her painting to show was extremely hard, best to check out her work over at Claire Henley Art Facebook page and website.

This cute snowman is part of Claire Henleys Christmas card collection available over at Whistle fish.  Adorable!

Sarah Summers Illustration – Another talented illustrator whose shop is a dream to browse through, love the colours and the fabulous dare I say cheeky blue tits! Facebook // Shop

Yes at pattern and co we love paper and patterns but step back and take a look at the fantasic colours and flowing shapes at American Art and Glass. Positive inspiration and a must to check out the Tiny Hand Sculpted Glass Pumpkins! Shop // Facebook.

All photos are credited to the talented designers and as there are many more wonderful pages I am browsing through over at Patternandco I will be back next week to shout out some more.

Lets spread the love and the likes and join me over at Patternandco Facebook Page!



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Loving…..Miranda Skoczek

On 30, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Likes and loves, Trends | By patternandco

Today I am loving the trend of birds and neon in the fantastic work of Miranda Skoczek.