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Q&A with Eva Marion Seyffarth

On 21, Oct 2012 | 4 Comments | In FEATURED!, Likes and loves | By patternandco

Eva Marion Seyffarth  is a talented illustrator, surface pattern designer and art teacher. Throw into the mix her recent return from Indigo Paris I was thrilled when she kindly agreed to take a moment from her busy schedule and  answer a few questions for Pattern and co about her inspiration, autumn traditions and impressions from Indigo!

What Inspires Your Patterns and Illustrations?

I think it is simply all the bits and pieces of everyday life. The dancing ghosties (From the surface pattern design collection “In the Woods”  below) for example  were inspired by autumn leafs swirling in the wind outside my studio window. I also get very inspired by music, words and stories (fairytales, children’s stories, poetry or sometimes just a newspaper article).

Do you have any Halloween or Autumn traditions?

Being from Germany we don’t really have any Halloween traditions. Halloween is now getting more popular (I think mostly influenced from the USA) but it’s not a “grown” tradition here.

Autumn traditions … there’s many, well not really traditions, more habits: going for long walks in our colourful woods, a last swim in the lake with hot spicy tea and lots of warm blankets afterwards, my parents arriving with loads of tasty red apples from their garden, sitting around a fire on our rooftop garden on autumn evenings, the first pumpkin soup with apples and sheep’s cheese … it really is my favourite time of the year!


Can you sum up your experiences on Indigo in a few words?

Phew … that’s not easy …

All in all it has been a great experience and a much needed impression of reality in surface design. As a newbie I looked at it with fresh and sometimes maybe naive eyes … but it helped me a lot to get my future career plans sorted. I felt totally inspired by all I’ve seen and by the sincere exchange of thoughts with my fellow designers – but I confess I was a bit intimidated by the sheer amount of designs as well. As a result of the whole experience I have now decided to really go for surface design. It might be a difficult path, but it’s certainly an interesting and rewarding one!

(You can read the full story over at Eva’s blog- Back from Indigo, Paris … zurück aus Paris, von der Indigo! )


All time favourite surface pattern design?

“Unikko” by Maija Isola/Marimekko.

Tools of the Trade?

I work by hand and digital and kind of mix everything. Mostly my designs are hand drawn or hand painted and then finished off using both Photoshop and illustrator.

Thank you so much Eva for your insights and for sharing your photos!

Take a moment to grab a cup of tea and browse Eva’s inspiration and portfolio over at Creative Journey by *Hand and Mind, I love the inspiration behind the 50’s Patio Collection designs and before I go I also wanted to share some of Eva’s fantastic fabric available over at Spoonflower! Beautiful nature inspired designs!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

(Image Credits with the exceptions of the video and tools of the trade pic all images are ©Eva Marion Seyffarth)

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Featured! Decorque.

On 01, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In FEATURED! | By patternandco

To kickstart Pattern and Co’s new featured! set of posts I am totally honoured to shout out Decorque.

I am nuts about eye catching combinations of bright patterns, black and white ink illustrations mixed with vibrant colours. Don’t they just lift your mood and brighten your day!

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