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A-Z of Flowers

A-Z of Flowers Let’s begin

On 13, Mar 2013 | 17 Comments | In A-Z of Flowers | By patternandco

With winter lasting forever (I still can’t quite believe the amount of snow we have had in the middle of March!) I am beginning to miss my flowers and plants, all the green leaves and little cheerful buds.

So inspired by the 365 patterns challenge…..

(For those that don’t know the 365 patterns a day creative design challenge is a collaborative event with lots of designers, if you like making patterns you’ll love it! To find out more drop by the caravan blog or take a look at my 365 Patterns!)

……I decided to start a new project The A-Z of flowers! It ties in wonderfully with 365 patterns and fits my love of sketching and designing floral prints.

project a-z of flowers patternadco 550
As an avid gardener I have always had a garden brimming with flowers that changed constantly and an allotment (until I moved to Germany!) When I was younger I trained with the Royal Horticultural Society and worked for a fabulous small private run garden – it was a joy to work all seasons and although now I have traded the planting and growing with designing and pattern making I still love flowers!

Please feel free to join in – patterns, art, prints, mixed media – any type of art and design that you love …… just start with the letter A.

If you do join in tag things with #atozofflowers then we can check out each others designs and there is no pressure to do one every day or even every week, if you need a bit of inspiration or when the moment takes you go with it. (Please grab the blog button below and share the idea – it would make me very happy!)

project a-z of flowers patternadco blog button

I found a wonderful site to get the ideas flowing Flower Possibilities that lists a selection of flowers from A-Z, I have a few favourites, like Lillie’s that I definitely want to include and will be flicking through my gardening books and resources and hunting out and about with my camera to gather ideas for sketching!

Stay tuned for my A is for……..later 🙂

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  1. Now this sounds fun! I also am very tired of winter (although I do have the crocuses and snowdrops trying to peek out!). I am coping with a lot of deadlines and commitments at the moment, but I hope I can occasionally play along!

    • Oh me too Valerie and I just saw your post on snowdrops (the close up on the beetle is great!) But feel free to jump in when you can 🙂

  2. I love contemplating flowers and having than around. And, well, I love flower patterns. So I am in. I particularly like the loose, no pressure, philosophy, as I am in so many fronts at the same time. So, es, on my time and my way, I will participate. At least I will name the proper names of the flowers. Great reference site you found, Michelle. Thank you!

    • Yay Bethania! And absolutely no pressure, we are all busy at the moment working on different things it just seemed like a good idea to throw something in that is casual but hopefully inspiring!

  3. Michelle, I will play along. I am in need of some #365patterns inspiration and need some floral in my life. Woke uo to 30cm of new snow and now rain:( See you on instagram!

    • Great to have you Julie 🙂 I love 365patterns and if I can combine a few A-Z of flower patterns with it so much the better!! And yep tell me about the snow *shakes head in disbelieve* …when will it end! 😀

  4. What a fab idea! I have been avoiding drawing flowers for a while and I think I now have flower withdrawal syndrome! I will start with A and see where it takes me! Thanks 🙂

    • Lesley, looking forward to seeing what flower you choose for A 😀

  5. I have no time but how can I resist!

    • Dawn, it’s a hard thing – resistance is futile 😉 Whenever you can, whenever you have time, just throw us a link so I can see what you have designed 😀

  6. Hi, great idé, I will try to get in as I am also tired of this winter!
    Just pined your project, hope ok 🙂

    • Winter is lasting for ever!!! And please pin away 😀

  7. We would love to join in too, as you know we love flowers, so we’ll tag onto this one as it’s right up our street! Thanks for the great idea Michelle.

    • Welcome aboard! You do indeed have the most marvelous flower designs 🙂

  8. This sounds like great fun, I’d love to join in. I’ve got one ready for ‘A’ will post soon.

    • Nicola – looking forward to seeing what you design, your recent floral patterns (particularly the ones in green) over on your blog are amazing!

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